About Us

Southgame Studio is co-founded by three young, black, South African women. Since our foundation in 2021 and as an indie game studio, we have put our heart and soul into what we enjoy the most, video games. Our expertise is the creation of video games, but we also offer services to third parties such as web development and animation. We contribute the best of ourselves, understanding each project as an exciting challenge that we face with enthusiasm, perseverance, and seriousness.

Inspired from our participation of the Itthynk Game Academy, we are also third place winners of the 2021 Fak'ugesi Game Hackathon, sponsored by Telkom and hosted by the Tshimologong Digital Innovation Precinct.

With technology as a constant since the beginning of Southgame Studio, our commitment is into 3D visualization and gameplay quality of our games. That is why we specialize in Unity, which allows us to develop high-quality products and agile performance.

What we are best at

Our Services

Game Development
Develop 2D and 3D games in different genres.
Support cross platforms as well as various devices.
Initiate from concept to final support and maintenance.
Level design provides entertainment for end users.
Web Development
Our service is used to design, build, support and evolve all types of web -based software.
We deliver intuitive and fast websites, web portals and other web solutions that bring about digital transformation and enhance business workflows.
Our animation services include the creation of how-to videos, animated ads, animated educational topics, medical animations, marketing, product and corporate animations.

Meet the team



Python Programmer                               
Android Dev/ JavaScript
Cloud Practitioner (AWS)
Solutions Architect (AWS)
Game Developer



Leads the web content
management system in
her capacity as a qualified computer
programmer. She is conversant in
various programming languages
including C++, JavaScript, CSS, HTML
and more. In her spare time, she also
troubleshoots the software used by
Southgame Studio and is an avid game



BA in Forensic Science                   
Game Developer
Python Programmer
C# Programmer

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